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NOTE: This was written on 1st June 2017 but was only posted today to avoid starting this month on a bad note hahaha. See my first post for this month here.


I wonder how many of you have been so annoyed by SingPost Courier Service. It is actually for this reason that I am not so fond of shopping online. I always dread the delivery experience. Imagine being at home the whole day and not hearing a single doorbell but when you open your door, you’d see a slip saying they tried to deliver but no one’s around. WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS IS JUST SO INFURIATING! What’s the point of having my phone number on the package if the delivery guy wouldn’t even bother calling my number to check if I’m home? And c’mon! He didn’t even press the doorbell – the DOORBELL! It is there for a reason.
You see, I am a housewife. I am always home and yet this is my second time to get this slip. This is the second time I will have to go down to the post office to collect my parcel. If I wanted to do that I wouldn’t have asked for a delivery, I would have just met up with the seller. My goodness gracious!
And you know what’s making me more distressed? I called their hotline the first time it happened. I filed a complaint and they even had this so-called department handling complaints that called me to assure me this won’t happen again and guess what? It just happened again today! And so I called again today. You know what’s sad? Their customer service is actually decent but it’s their DELIVERY TEAM that is just GRRRRR beyond disappointing!

You know what’s the best thing that happened today? When I called to file another complaint and asked for a manager, that manager called me back and offered a satisfactory resolution. Her name is Bithika. She stayed calm the whole time that I was irate. I asked for a re-delivery at no cost and she was willing to arrange it for me to compensate for the inconvenience this situation has caused me. But then I asked her, “what if I go out tomorrow and decided to swing by the post office? Will my parcel still be available at the post office for me to collect?” Of course I know the answer is "NO, it will no longer be available" but she was quick and quite smart. She said that she will wait until 6pm tomorrow and will call me to check if I was able to get my parcel or not. If still not, then she will schedule for a re-delivery for Monday. Well, that's what I'm talking about! That’s the best way to attack my situation. That's how you handle upset and disappointed customers. I can really commend her for the way she handled my irate self and my issue. 

Anyway, going back to what this post is about, I don’t know what value this post can give to any of you reading this but I just cannot NOT say something about this. Because if I’m right, I’m guessing half or more than half of the people queuing at the post office everyday to get their parcel didn’t really miss the delivery. They probably all have horrible stories about SingPost courier service that’s why like me, they end up queuing to collect their package instead of waiting for it at the comfort of their homes. I don’t understand anymore why they are called a courier service when they don’t even know how to deliver. :(

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