Friday, April 26, 2013

Bellabox Singapore: April 2013 BEAUTY GOODNESS


I was supposed to receive this box by first week of April but due to some misunderstanding (the delivery company was not informed of my new address) it got a little bit delayed. Anyway, here are the stuff I got and my initial reaction to each item, as usual!

200ml / S$13.90
500ml / S$22.90
Atoderm Shower Gel has a special formulation that makes it ideal for dry & sensitive skin. It cleanses effectively for all skin types from kiddies to adults. By respecting the skin's natural pH balance and introducing moisutre, Atoderm Shower Gel will never dry skin out. Forget about itching, dryness, redness or irritation, look forward to hydrated, supple and increased protection against allergens. 

My Reaction: If it's from Bioderma, it is good! I haven't tried it though. I've been saving samples like this for when we travel - ya know, SPACE-SAVER!

Starting from 3pcs / S$12.95 available at
Too long women have suffered elastic and plastic headbands that pinch, dig and pull out our hair! Not to mention leave unsightly bumps and kinks where we don't want them. Twistband Headbands are made of soft elastic that keeps your hair out of your eyes, in the most comfortable, chic way you've ever had. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Twistband Headbands are so cute, they can easily double as bracelets. Only you have to know they serve a second, all-important purpose. 

My Reaction: Though I like the color, I don't think I'll purchase this. I've used it couple times but I still don't think I'm gonna go out and purchase this.

50ml / S$70
Want a moisture cream that feels as luxurious to use as it makes your skin feel to the touch? Here it is. Nuxe takes their job seriously and their products are for women who seriously love youthful, supple and young-looking visages. 8 plant milks, aloe vera sap, white almonds and orange flowers combine for the ultimate in skin cream. No need to worry about irritation or sensitivity. All you have to do is enjoy gorgeous, glowing skin!

My Reaction: I thought it's the same product I got from the blogger event but I'm wrong. I like how it feels on the skin and it really smells good too. I can't wait to give it a try.

15ml / S$59.90 available at
The Skin Pharmacy knows serums. With over 20 to pick from for a wide range of skin concerns, they've done their research. Their Collagen Building Serum includes key, natural, ingredients that increase one of your skin's most vital components to keept it looking young, fresh and beautiful. Welcome back, elasticity and firmness; it's like you never left!

My Reaction: Uh... well... it's a serum, what can I say? Will give it a try and will come back here for an update.

50ml / S$3.90

Reap all the amazing skin benefits almond has to offer with this rich, luxurious hand cream from Sasa. Shea Butter keeps hands beautiful and supple, while an added ingredient offers UV protection. Perfect for use throughout the day, whenever your hands feel dry or before a walk outside!

My Reaction: I was so excited at first because what I got was a full-sized product but after smelling it... all the excitement vanished in an instant. I'm very picky with hand creams. I want it to not only hydrates and moisturizes my skin but also to leave my hands smelling just the way I want it. Unfortunately, this hand cream is not IT! :(

20pcs / S$16.90
As the French mastered gourmet food, they've now conquered natural, sweet dietary supplements and teas that will help you stay fit and healthy day in and day out. Herbal Slimming Teas help regulate digestion, stop extra water retention, help overall circulation and provide major detox benefits. And the best part: they can be drunk hot or cold! Make it part of your day and see what 100% organic French herbs can do for you!

My Reaction: I was never a TEA person so I got a little disappointed with this one. I will still try it though and see for myself if it really works. I just hope it doesn't taste bad.

I also got vouchers like usual and this recipe which makes me want to buy an oven real bad, hahaha.

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