Friday, April 26, 2013

Bellabox Singapore: April 2013 BEAUTY GOODNESS


I was supposed to receive this box by first week of April but due to some misunderstanding (the delivery company was not informed of my new address) it got a little bit delayed. Anyway, here are the stuff I got and my initial reaction to each item, as usual!

200ml / S$13.90
500ml / S$22.90
Atoderm Shower Gel has a special formulation that makes it ideal for dry & sensitive skin. It cleanses effectively for all skin types from kiddies to adults. By respecting the skin's natural pH balance and introducing moisutre, Atoderm Shower Gel will never dry skin out. Forget about itching, dryness, redness or irritation, look forward to hydrated, supple and increased protection against allergens. 

My Reaction: If it's from Bioderma, it is good! I haven't tried it though. I've been saving samples like this for when we travel - ya know, SPACE-SAVER!

Starting from 3pcs / S$12.95 available at
Too long women have suffered elastic and plastic headbands that pinch, dig and pull out our hair! Not to mention leave unsightly bumps and kinks where we don't want them. Twistband Headbands are made of soft elastic that keeps your hair out of your eyes, in the most comfortable, chic way you've ever had. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Twistband Headbands are so cute, they can easily double as bracelets. Only you have to know they serve a second, all-important purpose. 

My Reaction: Though I like the color, I don't think I'll purchase this. I've used it couple times but I still don't think I'm gonna go out and purchase this.

50ml / S$70
Want a moisture cream that feels as luxurious to use as it makes your skin feel to the touch? Here it is. Nuxe takes their job seriously and their products are for women who seriously love youthful, supple and young-looking visages. 8 plant milks, aloe vera sap, white almonds and orange flowers combine for the ultimate in skin cream. No need to worry about irritation or sensitivity. All you have to do is enjoy gorgeous, glowing skin!

My Reaction: I thought it's the same product I got from the blogger event but I'm wrong. I like how it feels on the skin and it really smells good too. I can't wait to give it a try.

15ml / S$59.90 available at
The Skin Pharmacy knows serums. With over 20 to pick from for a wide range of skin concerns, they've done their research. Their Collagen Building Serum includes key, natural, ingredients that increase one of your skin's most vital components to keept it looking young, fresh and beautiful. Welcome back, elasticity and firmness; it's like you never left!

My Reaction: Uh... well... it's a serum, what can I say? Will give it a try and will come back here for an update.

50ml / S$3.90

Reap all the amazing skin benefits almond has to offer with this rich, luxurious hand cream from Sasa. Shea Butter keeps hands beautiful and supple, while an added ingredient offers UV protection. Perfect for use throughout the day, whenever your hands feel dry or before a walk outside!

My Reaction: I was so excited at first because what I got was a full-sized product but after smelling it... all the excitement vanished in an instant. I'm very picky with hand creams. I want it to not only hydrates and moisturizes my skin but also to leave my hands smelling just the way I want it. Unfortunately, this hand cream is not IT! :(

20pcs / S$16.90
As the French mastered gourmet food, they've now conquered natural, sweet dietary supplements and teas that will help you stay fit and healthy day in and day out. Herbal Slimming Teas help regulate digestion, stop extra water retention, help overall circulation and provide major detox benefits. And the best part: they can be drunk hot or cold! Make it part of your day and see what 100% organic French herbs can do for you!

My Reaction: I was never a TEA person so I got a little disappointed with this one. I will still try it though and see for myself if it really works. I just hope it doesn't taste bad.

I also got vouchers like usual and this recipe which makes me want to buy an oven real bad, hahaha.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

UPDATES: My Latest Videos!

I'll update you with the details for each of these but for now, I just want to share with you all my latest videos:

(uploaded to YouTube on 21/04/2013)

(uploaded to YouTube on 17/04/2013)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

THE EXPERIENCE: MAC Archie’s Girls Collection – Singapore Launch at SEPHORA ION

On 15th February 2013, I got an email from Sephora Singapore inviting me to the official launch of MAC Archie’s Girls Collection on 1st March, Friday (7-9PM) at Sephora ION.

To be quite frank, I love being invited to events but I don’t like going alone. Good thing I’m allowed to bring a friend. As you probably have guessed it already, I invited Abbey to come along with me. She has blogged about this event here.

Photo grabbed from Abbey's blog - Check it out HERE!
Alright! I’m not a MAC girl simply because I can’t afford it, LOL. The only MAC products I’ve ever had in my entire life was a liquid foundation which I’ve finished up and tossed away almost two years ago and my MAC fix+. Since then, I’ve never bought any MAC products again because they’re just way out of my budget. Don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted to purchase a few items from MAC, but I never really got around to actually doing it.

I thought that this event would be that most awaited time of my life – but NOPE!

As indicated in the invite, the launch started at 7PM but we're a little late because of me. At the entrance, we're asked for our invite, so I confidently showed my printed email invitation to which they just nodded. We're asked to sign the sort of "attendance sheet" and was given a piece of paper entitling us to a free "lip makeover" by their pro makeup artists, which we didn't avail out of our own choice.

ladies tryin out the products
Aha! Archie!!!
I love her shoes. RED!
Sorry for the crappy photos, by the way. I was not able to really take some good photos because (1) I don’t really have the talent in photography, hahaha and (2) the display sets were not complete when we arrived (yeah, we’re late, I know – my bad). Some of the guests were trying out some of the products on the display counter so I really didn’t get the chance to take a photo of the complete MAC Archie’s Girls collection.

To add insult to injury, I didn’t get to try any of the lip products – as in ANY. ARghhh! Yes, I was not fast enough to grab any lippy from the BETTY collection which was the only reason I got interested to check this whole collection out. 

When I finally decided that I’ll try a lippy from the VERONICA side of the collection, all of the lippies were out and about! I was like, “What?!” But I kept my cool and just enjoyed eating the confectioneries available to us, the guests, wahaha.

When I thought of just buying any of the BETTY lippies even without trying any of ‘em, we’re informed that they’re all sold-out! Gobsmacked, I just decided to queue and have my photo taken with Archie and his girls.

Our outfits matched!!!! Ain't that cute?!

Archie even gave me his heart.

Just kidding!!!! =p

Here is Abbey while having THE"eyeliner experience"!!!


I have read and watched a few reviews about this collection even before I went to the event. How I wish I can review the whole collection or just some of the products in it but how can I if I haven’t even got the chance to try any of ‘em. LOL! 

I wish I can say more but that’s just really how my experience went as far as the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection Launch is concerned. Have you tried any product from this collection? If so, let me know on the comments below. Ciao!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bellabox Singapore Blogger Event 2013 at Antoinette, Penhas Rd

TRIVIA: This dress is older than me. ^_^
(It's my mom's dress when she was in her early 20s!)
I guess being invited to events is one of the ultimate perks of being a blogger. If you've been an avid reader of this site, you’d know that the first time I got invited to an event was back in November 2012. I was invited by Moiselle to the Women’s Fashion Week here in Singapore. I’ve blogged about it here.

Aside from blogging, I also enjoy making YouTube videos. I joined this trend of unboxing videos and started my own monthly tradition back in September 2012. I only have one monthly subscription and that’s none other than Bellabox. No one invited nor convinced me to try it out. It’s purely my own decision. After signing up for their monthly box in August 2012, I began blogging and making videos about it month after month.

In January of this year, Bellabox informed me about their upcoming Blogger Event in March and asked me if I’d be interested to come. Who wouldn't say YES to that?! And that’s how it all started.

If you've read my February Bellabox Unboxing post, you’d remember that the invitation card came in a light pink envelope. Here, let me refresh your memory just a bit:

The thing is, I can’t bring a plus one to this event but I really wanted to tag my friend along with me. So I tried talking to the staff of Bellabox about bringing my friend with me to the occasion. It took a few days before they got back to me, but it didn't matter because the result was well worth the wait!

Photo grabbed from Abbey's awesome blog
The event was held at Antoinette on March 7th 2013, Thursday, 7PM-9PM. We easily found the place. It’s just walking distance from Lavender MRT Station (Exit B) – thanks

And here’s the first thing that greeted us.

Ain’t that a warm welcome?!
Inside, we were ushered by the friendly and accommodating staff of Bellabox. We obviously arrived way ahead of time so they haven’t finished setting up all the booths/counters. 


Bellabox hosted this event not only to give us, bloggers, the chance to meet up with each other but also to introduce their newest brand partners.

The food was delish! At first, I thought I wouldn't like it but I surprisingly did. Maybe that’s the whole purpose of these delightful confectioneries  They have to be very delicious at a bite-size serving to keep you salivating and wanting for more all day long! To know more about Antoinette and their service, check their website at

 And now to the program proper.

After the speech, the activities started. What's so intriguing was their way of dividing us into different groups. They used the yummylicious and colorful macaroons!

this yummy looking, deliciously tasting macaroon decided my fate!

First booth I went to: CELLILUX (

Photo grabbed from Bellabox's Instagram Photos (@bellabox_sg)
(that's me with the braided pony tail next to the gorgeous Irene of
She looks and speaks like an angel!
The presenter at this booth was none other than the lovely and stunning Roseanne Tang, the star blogger of Bellabox, the author of and the person behind

Who can pass on this one of a kind opportunity?!?
She introduced Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel (60g) to all of us and let us try it by putting a little of the product at the back of our hands. She warned us that there would be this stinging effect every time it will touch our skin but it’s one of the signs that the product is doing its job. It is basically a green mask which does not only aim to hydrate the skin but also to detoxify thus clearing the skin of all its impurities. It will also exfoliate the skin which, as we all know, is essential if we aim to have a younger looking skin. I haven’t really tried it on my face but I like how it felt at the back of my hand.

Each of us got a freebie!

(Glacial Mineral Gel (S$78.00 for 60ml)
Second booth I visited: SLEEK Makeup (

I first heard about SLEEK Makeup through Sineady Cady of She often used SLEEK makeup palettes in her tutorials and I have always admired how beautiful and amazingly pigmented each of the colors are.

Third booth: MeMeMe Cosmetics (

Just like SLEEK Makeup, I only came to know about MeMeMe through other YouTubers. Thankfully, I got to try one of its products through one of the boxes I got from Bellabox which included a full size MeMeMe lip and cheek tint in Cupid's kiss.

And here's the lovely Sigma brushes!

Here are the goodies I got from SLEEK Makeup, MeMeMe Cosmetics and Sigma Beauty.

from Sleek: Pout Paint and Eye Liner
from Sigma Beauty: Eye Shadow & Make-up Brush,
from MeMeMe: Long Wear Satin Lip Cream, Nail File, Dew Pot Eye-Refining Cream.
(NO prices indicated)

Fourth booth: LANVIN (

I have always wanted to try out a new perfume to replace what I consider as my signature scent: Paris Hilton. At the LANVIN corner, not only did we enjoy some uniquely tasting macaroons and tea, we also got the chance to take a peek at LANVIN’s newest fragrance which will be officially launched here in Singapore this coming May 2013! Yay!

And that’s not all! Each of us also got the chance to bring home a bottle of this precious newest scent. Now seriously, ain’t that sweet?!! I’ll write a full-on review about this perfume very soon.

Fifth / last booth: NUXE (


It’s such a shame that I didn’t get the chance to have my skin checked due to lack of time. The event was supposed to finish at 9PM and by the time I finished at the LANVIN’s corner, it’s already 10-15 minutes before 9PM and there were still like 3-4 persons queuing at the NUXE counter.

Good thing my friend Abbey was able to experience it. Check out her blogpost here.

Fortunately, having my skin checked was not a prerequisite to receive the goodies. Hahaha. Here are the wonderful freebies I received from NUXE!

Nuxellence Youth & Radiance Revealing Fluid (S$78 for 50ml)
Crème Fraîche 24HR De Beauté Masque (S$48 for 50ml),
Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil (S$68 for 100ml)

When we headed to the door to leave, Mandy together with another Bellabox staff handed us our March Bellabox while thanking us for coming. You know what?! We should be the one thanking BELLABOX for cordially inviting us to this AMAZZZZiiiNG event!

Here's my March Bellabox Unboxing video by the way:

BELLABOX Singapore, you’re absoFREAKINGly AWESOME! This blogger event just proves how truly splendid it is to be part of your family. <3
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