Thursday, August 25, 2016


To know how we got  a free upgrade and received VIP treatment at Fullerton Hotel, read DAY 1 of our 3D2N STAYCATION at FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE. For DAY 2, click here.

DAY 3 at Fullerton Hotel

As it's our last day there, it got harder and harder to leave the place. Whether we admit it or not, it has become so close to our hearts to the point we think it’s our home.

We had our last breakfast and then explored the building as best as we could to take as much photos as we can.

We also bought some goodies from their bakeshop/cake shop. And man! They surely tasted as good as they looked! 

And of course, we swung by the gym right after and then swam to our heart’s extent. Good thing we didn’t need to leave at 12PM (standard checkout time) – another perks from VISA Luxury Hotel Collection.

One more bathtub experience and we started packing all of our stuff.

Staying at Fullerton Hotel for our Anniversary was all worth it. We had a lovely experience. And because we’re given the VIP treatment, I guess it’s just fair to admit that the service we received was truly impeccable. I just sincerely hope that the same level of service we received is rendered to other customers regardless if they’re VIP or not.

If you’re planning for a STAYCATION, consider including Fullerton Hotel in your list. Based on our experience, it's all worth it!

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
+65 6733 8388


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


To know how we got  a free upgrade and received VIP treatment at Fullerton Hotel, read DAY 1 of our 3D2N STAYCATION at FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE.

DAY 2 at Fullerton Hotel

Although we stayed up late the previous night, I still woke and got up early. I didn’t want to waste time in bed when we have a whole building to explore. Of course, we gotta start the day with breakfast. And like other hotels that offer buffet for breakfast, they’re open, if I’m not mistaken, from as early as 6:30AM to 10AM every day. BTW, our second day there was not only a Sunday but also a Happy Father’s Day!

What I liked so much about the breakfast experience (and maybe this is just me) was the hot beverage selection. We can choose from tea, chocolate, cappuccino and latté. In most of the hotels we’ve been to, it’s always been just coffee or tea. And since I’m a true-blue coffee drinker, it made me very cheerful that morning. As for the food, they’re okay. Not exemplary but they’re fine.

After breakfast, we decided to explore the building a little bit. 

We also went outside for some sight-seeing as if we’re tourists.

When we returned to our room, we found our bed fully made up.

Same thing happened later that day when we returned from our quick swimming session. Not only was our bed made up, both of us also had a new bottle of water by our bedside table. 

BTW, instead of the typical sign card that we see in most hotels for "Do Not Disturb" and "Please Make Up Room", here they have this:

Anyway, we went back to our room after roaming around in out of the hotel and hubby felt a little exhausted so he took a nap while I did my own thing (recorded a song for one of my YouTube channels, hehe). After resting, we both agreed to grace their infinity pool with our presence.

We swam for a bit and by 8PM, we went back to our room so we could prep for our formal dinner. Nah! There was no formal dinner. We just had this crazy idea of dressing up and looking good for each other, as it’s our anniversary after all. So, here we are!

As it’s already late by the time we finished prepping, we just headed to Starbucks, which was just walking distance from the hotel and admire "the view".

I guess we stayed there for just over an hour and then decided to head back to the hotel. That was again past midnight.

Since that was our last night there, I couldn’t let it go without a nice, warm bath, so I didn’t care how late that was, I still pampered myself with a luxurious bath and a facial mask, and well, called it a day.

Please stay tuned for our Day 3! *wink wink*

HOTEL REVIEW | DAY 1 of Our 3D2N STAYCATION at FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE - Heritage Room | (How to Get a Free Upgrade, VIP Treatment and more!)

This is one of my very long overdue posts but one that I definitely have to publish because I would be doing our 5th Wedding Anniversary an injustice if I don't.

Yep! We recently celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniv and we stayed at Fullerton Hotel as a treat for ourselves. We normally would book a flight somewhere outside of Singapore for occasions like this but this year, we agreed to have a STAYCATION instead and experience Singapore in a whole new level.

So, where to begin? Ah! How about I take you back to our booking venture to see how we got a free upgrade, received VIP treatment and experienced all the other perks and discounts? Sounds good?

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

We got it all through VISA Luxury Hotel Collection. If you haven’t heard of this, now’s the time to check it out! It’s easy but first you have to know if you’re eligible. To know your eligibility, please see the information here:

If you’re an eligible VISA premium card holder, you can proceed to create your account on their website: Once you have your account created and verified, you can start choosing from over 900 luxury hotels around the world where you want to go and experience 7 premium benefits! It’s that simple!

Simply log in to the website, select a hotel and book it through the VISA Luxury Hotel Collection website and you are sure to get the following:

       Best available rate guarantee
       Automatic room upgrade upon arrival, when available
       Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi, when available
       Complimentary continental breakfast
       $25 USD food or beverage credit
       VIP Guest status
       3PM check-out upon request, when available

So, did we get all of the abovementioned benefits? DEFINITELY! To know more about our experience in Fullerton Hotel, keep reading!

DAY 1 at Fullerton Hotel

Every staff we encountered from outside to inside of the building was courteous and very accommodating. The staff that handled our check-in details and escorted us to our room was extra nice, too.

As mentioned earlier, because we booked our room through the VISA Luxury Hotel Collection site, we got an automatic room upgrade. We originally booked the Quay Room (1 King Bed) but we were upgraded to the next room up (Heritage Room 1 King Bed) upon arrival. And because it was our anniversary, we found a token of their recognition for our special occasion when we entered the room.

And seriously, what do you do when you enter a hotel room? You take photos, right? Right! This is regardless if you’re a blogger or not.

TBH though, I didn’t really find the room extra ordinary compared to other hotels we’ve been to. However, it has this special-homey-vibe that made it so cozy and commanded our hearts to instantly fall in love with it.

Whenever we’re in hotels, I’d immediately check out the bathroom to see if it’s the same as what they published on their website. Good thing, Fullerton Hotel didn’t disappoint.

Here is a list of things available inside the room:
  • Handphone – This can be used to make free overseas calls. My hubby called his sister in Japan twice using it. You can also use it to make local calls and access the internet. And on top of that, you can bring it outside while roaming the city streets. Talk about free google map and/or street directory without having to shell extra penny for local phone and data charges.
  • Tea/Coffee area
  • Yoga mat
  • Flashlight
  • Umbrella
  • Lots of hangers
  • Robes
  • Slippers
  • Flat iron and ironing board
  • Extra Pillows
  • Shoe grooming accessories
  • Extension chord – This was very helpful for my straightener which I used inside the bathroom as there was no outlet there.
  • Bibles – There is a Bible and a Quran available inside the drawers of the bedside tables.
  • Blower – This is, of course, found in the bathroom.

A few moments later, we received a bottle of red wine and some strawberries. Well, ain’t that sweet?

After taking photos and scrutinizing the room, we decided to rest for a bit and then went out to go to LUSH to buy some bath bombs/balls as I wanted to take a luxurious bath in our tub.

When we returned to our room, hubby came up with the idea of inviting some of our friends to dine with us in celebration of our anniversary. And that’s another good thing about this hotel: its location.

It’s situated near the Merlion Park where there’s a strip of restos and other food places. It’s also walking distance from the Esplanade Theatre and if you walk past it, you’ll reach other food venue options.

We initially planned to eat at Makansutra but ended up at No Signboard instead. The food was delish and we all had a wonderful time.

After our sumptuous dinner, we all headed back to our room but of course we weren't able to resist taking photos on our way back.

We chatted for a bit more before they all left and then there’s just the two of us to relish the night. Despite the time (it was already past midnight), I still prepared the tub for a bath. I just couldn’t wait to relax and enjoy a bubble bath. And that ended our Day 1 in Fullerton Hotel.